Beauty in Hopper travels the decades. 
We have antique:
parfum bottles
much more...

Then there are new products. These are either companies that are still in business after decades,like the men's shaving line which originated in 1887 for the aristocracy. 
Fresh companies doing quality reproductions. Companies that are beyond mainstream odd that nod to alternative times. Parfums, bath and body , candles  all of which delight the senses with an uncommon twist.

Our flora is represented with silk headpieces, fascinators, and clips. Flora clips can be worn in the hair, adorn purses or clothing, basically anywhere you want to bloom. 

​Books for Beauty:
How to do 1930's Makeup
The Art of the Marcel Fingerwave
Deco Hairstyle
Make a 1920's dress in Hour
Millinery from several Eras
Create a Hope Chest
so many more...
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